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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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NemokoschKiwi oh I missed quite a lot 00:39 - this has already been mentioned 00:41
I'm defo biased here because I feel the "decont pseudo-operator" hurt me rather than helped me with my understanding... BUT 00:42
I see a problem with this thinking pattern of "I wish I have seen this easier --> the docs need to be adapted" 00:43
not saying this is a desperately serious problem but probably it's good to be on one page with this 00:48
if there is one and only one documentation, it inevitably won't be equally convenient for everyone. Perhaps it would be good to have some declared non-technical goal 00:50
ehh... sounds like something to be added to the discussions :D 00:56
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[Coke] "one and only one" as opposed to one for 6.c, one for 6.d? Yes. I think we need to start with one (among other reasons, the amount of effort it would take to do even a second version), and once we have the *data* to support showing one vs. the other, we can consider the technical effort of generating different versions of the docs. 14:08
because there isn't just raku versions, but also rakudo releases, and backend issues, and bugs.. 14:09
and we have each of those noted in various places in the docs.
when we have a per-verison change in something like a tutorial, that's a much better argument to have a separate version. 14:10
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coleman Who owns the domain? 17:33
The Foundation? 17:34
Or a friendly community member?
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[Coke] dunno, sorry, ask in raku? 21:52
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Nemokosch Ah no, I meant something even more banal 22:37
it's not "one for you, one for me"
diversity that comes from Raku versions or even Rakudo versions, that's a legitimate challenge 22:43
but regarding the goal, well... that's the thing exactly. There should be one goal. Not less, not more.
[Coke] if someone wants to setup a competing site, i'd ask them to just try to infiltrate our org instead. 22:44
Nemokosch Honestly, I don't think that would happen, simply because it's really a horrendous amount of work... 22:47
I brought it up because of that decont issue where we had pretty much oppositional views with Rob (perhaps Steve as well) regarding the direction of the change itself 22:48
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