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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
[Coke] I can't duplicate the problem. 01:24
no, reproduce an error in xt/aspell.t on a debian box. 01:25 01:28
added my notes to the ticket; tbrowder, if you can let me know how the config on this box is different from yours... 01:29
tbrowder ok, i'll check it out, thnz 01:47
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NemokoschKiwi CIAvash, sena_kun 16:43
see, that's why I liked the categories in the search
sena_kun NemokoschKiwi, well, some duplicates are due to a bug. 16:46
Others doesn't look so bad to me except for the bug.
NemokoschKiwi I think it's fairly uncommon that you start typing "list" without having at least a superficial sense of what you are looking for, out of the gazillion entries 16:53
sena_kun true
extended search can be used for that though 16:54
NemokoschKiwi like I know that I want to find methods named list, or List. Not the class List
sena_kun well, that's easy
just search for `&list` or `.list`.
or if you want a class, `::List` will do
It's a pity we don't have those rules written somewhere in an easy to spot place though
NemokoschKiwi easy it may be but how should anyone know this? 😅 16:55
even if we don't consider that this didn't work on the old site... where is any hint that this would work? 16:56
the entry names themselves clearly don't imply it
sena_kun yes, that's the problem 16:57
I mean, reach-ability of this feature is nothing but dust compared to reach-ability of the website itself right now. :)
NemokoschKiwi Sure thing but one needs something to stay motivated, and it seems we literally cannot do anything about that 16:58
sena_kun you're right 16:59
NemokoschKiwi anyway, I can't be dissatisfied because you just gave me a straightforward solution to a nuisance 17:00
it's another thing to eventually raise awareness of it in general
tbrowder .tell [Coke] unbelievable: i put yr steps in a bash script on the VM, ran it, and got the same error i always get! i took away sudo for you, but i can give it back if need be. my first thought is to see if your 'env' is any different from mine. my second thought is for you to 'su - tbrowde' and run as me. i must be affected by cosmic rays in a 18:06
.tell [Coke] ^^^^ 18:07
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