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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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Nemokosch That's what you would naively think and that's what would make sense. But actually that's not the case. 10:03
at this point, the only thing I can imagine could theoretically work, is some mass email to whoever I can find on public places. The IRC channel is too messy to not get carried away; Github spaces are way too dead; I tend to avoid Reddit - but for the record, it also seems rather quiet, apart from guifa and raiph maybe - and the rest are definitely not suited for this sort of topics 10:08
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coleman Altai-man and [Coke] - what do you think of this 17:15
I'm willing to work on setting up a deployment framework in Altai-man's repo
The goal being to create something that anyone can use if they have ssh keys 17:16
is there duplicate effort going on somewhere?
The latest RSC minutes mention potential infra volunteers but don't name names
reply on the issue and I'll see it. thnx
Altai-man coleman, replied 18:05
coleman Thank you. 18:23
lizmat: If you can put me in touch with the right people I am willing to help with infra, especially to get the new docs site online. I think it will be transformative! 18:25
I can be emailed at and my GitHub username is dontlaugh 18:26
if you would like to have a video chat, I am in the Eastern US and can probably get overlap with Western Europe without much trouble.
lizmat coleman: thank you 18:46
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Nemokosch coleman++ more like coolman :DD 20:53
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Nemokosch for what it's worth, I wrote a little vision of new squashathons 23:02
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