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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] coleman++ keeping us moving on the infra side 14:47
(et al., but he's here in the channel. :) 14:48
coleman We have concluded the meeting. I will send an email shortly. 15:41
lizmat I logged into the meeting, and there was no one there ? 15:46
coleman Lizmat it was at 15:00 UTC, or perhaps you had the wrong Jitsi link 15:48
To prevent this in the future, we will document agendas 15:49
lizmat I logged in at 15:03 UTC
The link we used is
lizmat fwiw, I don't think we can wait another 5 weeks before we even have a chance of a new doc site
coleman It is only the meeting date; we have actions to take before then; We will document them in issues. 15:50
lizmat: can you give me "maintainer" status of this infrastructure-doc repo? 15:51
If you would like to correspond privately about it, that's cool too :) 15:52
lizmat sent an invite 15:54
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NemokoschKiwi Not to say that the infrastructure-doc repo was a lively place but so far at least one could see it 16:44
coleman Unfortunately we have resolved that taking infrastructure-doc private is necessary. When it comes to IT assets, we will be handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and also discussing servers that can be targets for hackers. 16:53
Using a private repo is not the only defense, but it is a necessary step while we figure out how to work 16:54
I consider the privacy argument especially strong.
[Coke] I can report that deploying Altai-man's docs site as-is is our main goal; Although documenting existing assets and asset ownership will contribute to that as well. 16:59
It won't happen right away, but in the 8 months that you and I have been chatting about this, it feels like progress :)
lizmat FWIW, change notices won't get pushed onto #raku anymore 17:07
of the infrastructure-doc repo, that is
coleman undertsood 17:11
NemokoschKiwi Transparency has been a problem for a long time, please consider that as well, before "resolving" it by basically turning into some secret society 17:18
And for what it's worth, something called "infrastructure-doc" and living under the Raku organisation, does sound like something meant to communicate public manners 17:19
lizmat it's not a secret society, it's a place to keep secrets 17:21
and atm it allows us to move forward on getting the new doc site live 17:22
NemokoschKiwi It at least didn't use to be a place to keep secrets, and the name also didn't imply that 17:23
lizmat ok, we can change the name if that will make you feel better 17:24
NemokoschKiwi Anyway, I'm just worried that there will be again some messy status quo that gets conserved for eternity. Infrastructure has probably never been done right.
It's vague to the point that a mere mortal wouldn't even know what it exactly is
lizmat I have other worries 17:26
really dinner&
NemokoschKiwi Well, if one doesn't set at least the goal to get something right, why even bother... 17:28
These are not abstract things. People don't know about either the work around documentation or a bare minimum of what assets are being handled as "official Raku assets", by whom, what are the financial implications and the list could go on 17:29
It would be good for once, first communicate openly and then isolate what is critical. But at the end of the day, why even talk about this if nobody will care 17:33
coleman Wow 17:49
NemokoschKiwi, if you'd like to discuss further, please email me at 17:50
But these are bad vibes, please keep them to yourself. We're all trying here. :)
NemokoschKiwi bad vibes you say... these "bad vibes" are caused by the apathy I see regarding anything that involves management of any sort. 17:53
People have kept it to themselves for a long enough time. The remedy is also known: those people who do hold the knowledge and access to information should start sharing it. I can write a list of questions to start with, if that helps. 17:55
coleman Please do, but email it to me. I have to step away for the $DAYJOB 17:56
NemokoschKiwi As you wish, good sir. 👍 17:59
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