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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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coleman Richard pushed the initial code to Raku/doc-website 01:37
I have created a branch protection rule to enforce a pull request moving forward
rba should be fixing up my ssh access to the servers this weekend; then we can get to work 01:42
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lizmat coleman++ 09:51
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coleman I'll be around for a few hours today reading through Richard's setup 17:32
I'd really like to enforce merge requests in the docs repo: 18:14
If anyone feels strongly otherwise, I'm here to listen. But my thinking is: this is the community's code now 18:15
(Plus my selfish reason: I need PRs so I can write pipelines!!!)
Roman has given me access to the Portainer GUI on two servers. This isn't the same as SSH but if apps are in Docker containers it should let me run stuff. I haven't used portainer before, so I'll need to poke around 18:34
Richard really wanted to push to main so I'm gonna let the man cook for a week 19:01
After reviewing the build, my impression is that it's quite complicated. 19:20
And contains a lot of untested code 19:21
We'll make it work, though. Let's not re-invent the original problem of a site based on stuff that gets unmaintained.
I'll spend the afternoon standing it up
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