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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] is on that thread and also complaining like liz's old address. 00:52
Nemokosch Has anybody succeeded hosting an instance of the doc website? I'm getting horrible "malformed request" stack traces from Cro whenever I try to access it. 01:02
Oh okay, this could have been expected... it's only running over HTTP 01:18
and hence the HTTPS encoded request blew up
[Coke] I'm still trying to get all the pre-reqs installed on an m2 mac. 01:21
If you find a blocker on the instructions, please open an issue.
ugh, apparently vm sitch on m2 is not great either. probably should fire up a linux box in azure. 01:51
Nemokosch there were some missing folders that Richard fixed + this gotcha with HTTPS 01:54
sometimes the side bar goes broken, don't quite know when 01:55
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coleman I haven't run it successfully yet, either. I'll take another look tonight. 17:43
coke I have an m1 mini (1st gen) that my work bought me to test funky builds 17:45
Don't tell my boss, but I use it to watch movies. I can ssh into it, though
Linux is our first priority since it's what will get deployed (x86_64 architecture, to be clear) 17:46
But a background initiative I'd like to spearhead after docs site is done would be a survey of pipelines for core deps 17:47
I am curious how others do it
Diversity in build environments is good, in my opinion. It finds bugs. The trouble is that those bugs are often not high priority (and quite sensibly so) 17:48
I'm thinking out loud. Back to my day job.
Geth doc/main: 6995ffe846 | (Joelle Maslak)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Type/Test.pod6
throws-like does not work correctly a string for the exception name (#4185)
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