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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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coleman [Coke] how'd you lose Op status in this channel? 17:55
I'm wondering if there's a bot managing stuff at an org-wide level. Needs investigation.
[Coke] I disconnected yesterday during the power outage, rebooted my machine. 17:56
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lizmat is that better ? 17:58
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coleman I'll want to document how all that works at some point. I wasn't aware that Libera could have "organizations" 17:58
IRC: fun and a bit inscrutible. Thanks, Liz :) 17:59
lizmat yw :-)
[Coke] I vaguely miss the moo/mud that was created at my university ages ago that was setup so we could avoid using IRC. Sadly it never really got wider acceptance. 18:20
that was back in the late 80s, pretty sure the service is still running there. 18:21
lizmat what did the moo / mud had that IRC doesn't ? 18:34
just OOC :-)
[Coke] that irc doesn't? probably better to say better interface. 18:42
channels, permissions, ability to block users. 18:43 - wow is this old. 18:44
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coleman haha my colleague logs into a MUD in 2023 19:07
IRC can be distributed over many servers. The protocol for that is flaky, but it is distributed
perhaps MUD software can do that in some cases; idk
[Coke] distributed server was never a selling point for that community 20:09
coleman: how goes with building fin's site? 20:10
Things I'm curious about: can we store artifacts for the build or do we have to do it from scratch each time? Can we have a -dev site where we can try out new versions of the site (as opposed to updating the content), how hard is it to update the content and refresh the live site. 20:12
let's plan for a call second saturday of Feb.
updated with some dates 20:14
coleman: I assigned dates to the milestones on the raku/doc-website wiki, but they were just hand waving. I figured we'd update them once we heard from you on the infra side and after fin's first week of hacking 20:15
[Coke] installs OS X 12 on his old mac and hopes it doesn't die.
coleman Got it; fin and i agreed to chat this saturday 20:16
[Coke] sounds good\ 20:19
let us know if you find any blockers/issues/concerns about the new site.
my thoughts on cro: make it an official dep but update the install instructions to install it first with the (ugh) test-skip. 20:20
then if someone has it installed, they can get a green light when installing the deps without worrying about "extras".
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Nemokosch Nice, there are dates for the upcoming meetings, and even a link that can work even in the case of personal issues. Can it be promoted now? 20:58
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[Coke] ok, have a debian box in azure, build raku and the doc site 22:03
.. dammit, too small. 22:06
[Coke] tries 4g instead of 2 22:11
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[Coke] able to build and run the site (have to use lynx right now on the azure box to open it because I can't get to port 30K, but tihs was much easier than the current live site 23:00
also figured out the network rule, so is working for the next few minutes 23:12
coleman Nice 23:34
Any differences from Fin's instructions? Amend the README while it's fresh in your mind 23:36
[Coke] nope, just a note: cro installed for me and passed all its tests 23:43
(this on ubuntu, sorry, not debian)