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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
[Coke] Glad to see all the work going into the current iteration. 18:33
There are two open tickets left for "Go Live" 18:35
(one of which is for devops to decide how they want to approach it)
coleman: what's left from the infra side? 18:36
coleman Containerization, then a way to make this happen: 20:12
I am meeting w/ Fin Saturday morning and I'll try to get containerization done then 20:15
I don't think cutover will happen this weekend, but maybe a pre-release dev version could get deployed
[Coke] that would be awesome. 20:45
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ab5tract o/ 20:53
answering [Coke]'s call 20:54
[Coke] Hio. 21:07 is the github site for the new website. 21:08 is a demo version of the site. 21:09
Please feel free to open tickets on the github site or ping here if you need more info
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NemokoschKiwi I'm happy to see Zephyr could also participate. It's a win-win: getting people involved in the community and also get help with web development 21:33
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