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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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NemokoschKiwi please take a look at this when you have time 13:44
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rf PR for the typegraph stuff, I took some artistic liberties but I can dial it back if need be 13:52
sena_kun I like it a lot (I don't remember the original version anymore though) 13:55
rf scroll to the bottom for reference 13:58
sena_kun oooh 14:00 <- that's how it was Supposed(tm) to look like
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[Coke] rf, think Just waiting for food analyst to take a look at it 20:32
Apparently speech to text has some problems with Richards nickname
Thanks for time to submit the PR I really appreciate it 20:33
Dumb come from somebody who doesn't use themes how do I test the themes out in chro 20:35
dumb question, i meant
I guess that's my last send using dictation on Mac..
rf Absolutely haha 20:41
[Coke]: What you need to do is just compile the css and restart 20:48
I have no idea how to make it auto-update I think finanalyst is big time caching 20:49
basically ./update-css <MY-MODULE>
Sorry for late response had to run to a meeting
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