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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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NemokoschKiwi do you all have no problems with the built-in search? (not the extended one) 13:39
I'm surprised nobody reported things I'm experiencing with it 13:40
like it opens slightly off, there are scrollbars in both directions and sometimes if you click them, the whole thing will just close
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coleman fin and I reviewed the site build. The build environment I set up for Altai-Man's site 8 months ago came in handy, and it was more straightforward than anticipated 16:16
I have some notes that I need to process into scripts. 16:17
raschip The new doc site is looking very good
rf_ How is the site being deployed? Bare metal or docker or ? 16:22
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raschip What's the intent of the new docs instance? I'm willing to contribute to the docs and maybe get into Cro, should I use the instance of the new doc website for reading the docs and report issues or it's meant just for work on the site itself for now? 16:36
rf Its intended to replace the existing docs when its done 16:39
That's all I know D:
coleman The first method of deployment will likely be pure static files in an nginx container 16:46
if the docs build is successful, there's a folder called rendered_html, which should be a totally self-contained web root
After that is working well, we should create a Cro-based container as well 16:48
Cro is a dependency of the build, but at the tail end of the build it's possible to serve with any web server, too 16:49
rf I see 16:52 Fixup table styles, requested by Finanalyst 17:06
I think we should probably do the buttons at some point too. 17:07
coleman Added an ssh deploy key to doc-website, doc soon, as well 18:08
some may get an email from GitHub about it. That's me.
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coleman Automated builds are still a WIP, but here is a container using static assets compiled from main 21:40
podman run -p 8080:80 --name raku
that should be a public image.
I do not know if we have an official registry, yet, or what it ought to be
I'm going to proceed with just my own stuff; then work with infra team to factor it out into something shared 21:41
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