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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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rf While i'm in this code would anyone be against me sprucing up the JavaScript 23:38
It's fairly dated
coleman Open an issue with some suggestions 23:40
sprucing up is ambiguous
I'd be against introducting SPA-style frameworks, but in favor of adopting vanilla JS where it can replace existing jQuery, etc. 23:41
rf Basically just turning var to const, and using forEach inplace of imperative loops 23:44
coleman var->const sounds find 23:47
go for it; but perhaps submit separate PRs for the cleanup stuff 23:48
makes that sort of thing easier to review
rf Yeah, Im just having a lot of trouble figuring out where I need to look for the stuff I am trying to fix 23:49
Haven't worked in an older JS codebase in a long time :L 23:51