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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
coleman Go for small, incremental changes so it won't be a shock to others; thanks for jumping in 00:11
rf Yeah, I'm trying to figure out the styling for the searchbar auto complete, but it seems to be set in both CSS and JS 00:12
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NemokoschKiwi since I'm this kind of GH Discussions freak, I feel obliged to advertise this question a little bit. Just to raise awareness. 15:38
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[Coke] Did you convert that from the issue? thanks. 15:51
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rf I'll be a bit on that search auto-complete spacing thing, very busy this week. 18:53
[Coke] Thanks for looking at it. 18:55
I think the only blocker left for go live is improving the in line search to show class names for methods 18:56
I'll do another QA pass. I don't use themes on Chrome, can someone point me at a guide on how to switch between the light/dark themes? 18:57
rf At the bottom of the page 19:03
Should see a "change theme" or something like that
I think it's just JavaScript.
[Coke] D'oh! I was looking for a browser setting. 19:05
rf++ 19:06
rf Yeah thankfully I found that button before I went down that route too :D 19:07
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