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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] added new label for raku/doc tickets called "doc-website" which means that someone should figure out the core complaint on that ticket (which we think is still a thing) and open a corresponding ticket on the new doc-website 15:34
Planning on going through all the tickets labeled search, site, and assigned to Altai-man and closing them as appropriate or moving them to doc-website, or tagging that they need to be moved. 15:36
Geth ¦ doc: coke self-assigned Some targets in the Makefile do not work any more 15:55
doc/main: da0dd763ae | (Will Coleda)++ | Makefile
Remove any build related targets

Part of #3035
coleman [Coke] never tried this before, but GitHub has a "transfer issue" link in the bottom right of an issue 16:50
Feel free to move stuff to infra if it's related to DNS, cron jobs and such 16:51
Although be advised I am a bit ruthless with closing old stuff
Geth doc/main: 87a0222246 | Coke++ |
Remove site build instructions
[Coke] Closing because obsolete? Great. Closing just because old? not great.
Geth doc/main: 8a4d2ab0e8 | Coke++ |
Remove reference to site.

The new raku/doc-website will be updated more frequently and has a different infrastructure setup.
doc/main: 8553df17eb | Coke++ |
Remove reference to jj's docker container.

New container setup being done through raku/doc-website
[Coke] cleaned up some (not all) tickets relating to site and build in raku/doc 18:13
coleman ty 20:14
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NemokoschKiwi [Coke]++ for making the repos look much greater and up-to-date 21:27
also, you can count on me with a Jitsi test if you gimme a timezone to "noon" :P
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