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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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lizmat at the front page, perhaps change Twitter to Mastodon with as link? 13:07
[Coke] Updated 15:04
rakudoc is a command line tool that basically does a pod 2 text on docs (one source of docs is the raku/docs repo checkout) - you build an index with rakudoc, then it uses that index to find things. 15:05 shows some basic usage. 15:06
lizmat: opened 16:44
wow. this reminded me to check twitter which I haven't done in a week. my timeline isn't loading 16:45
ah, just took 5 minutes. (wow) 16:47
coleman: how close are we, do you think, to my made up target date of end of february for go live with the new site? 17:02 17:03
coleman It's doable 17:04
[Coke] woot 17:05
coleman I will report back soon. Didn't get a chance to do it last weekend
If I can only put together something hacky, we'll make a phase two plan to make it more suited to long-term use 17:06
For instance, I think we can go live with the container registry we have right now, but we ought to move and centralize on a common Raku registry
The only one I've seen is for Rakudo, on GitHub's registry, I think 17:07
[Coke] I've been trying to tag tickets with milestones of "needed for go live" and "sometime after"; 17:18
(on doc-website)
That second milestone is just "backlog" right now
if we have any pushback on usage after the call this weekend, we can switch to a free zoom call. 17:23
lizmat I understand it's going to be at 17:00 UTC, right ? 17:28
[Coke] Yes 17:30
Pretty sure Eastern is -5 at the moment.
lizmat ok, so that'd be 18::00 CET just mentioning it
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[Coke] to verify, it's tomorrow, yes? Just back from a week of traveling for work here 19:06
lizmat tomorrow would be the 2nd Sat of the month, so yes :) 19:07
rf I'm UTC-6 and I will be there :) 19:16
[Coke] Glad to hear it. Agenda: I plan to discuss the work I've been doing trying to clean up the repositories/issues/milestones, we'll ask finanalyst how he feels about the outstanding issues on the site in terms of go live, same with coleman 19:17
coleman My mom and dad are supposed to come over for lunch. So you might meet them :) 19:18
Wave to them in the background at least 19:19
[Coke] heh
coleman Okay, AND i just got a call from a handyman who is looking at my water heater?! 19:21
It might be a crowd :) Please excuse me if I dip in and out
[Coke] no worries. we'll let you go first or whenever you're ready 19:24
also, video not required.
coleman [Coke]++ 19:27
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rf twitter --> mastodon 19:49
[Coke]: Responded to your comments! 20:30
[Coke] wow, we're even getting new people submitting. 21:30
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rf That's awesome! 21:57
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[Coke] ^^ our first new contributor in a while, whee 23:41