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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] coleman: saw some chat that if you get ssh access to a thing, we have a workable solution for deployment? 16:54
(and CI-ish updates on content)
coleman Yep 17:04
I tried to do it with Portainer but it was a bummer 17:05
Worst case, I'll launch a server myself and sponsor it for a while
I'll get it done before the end of the month. Rest assured. I'd just like to use the existing infra.
[Coke] mmm 17:06
coleman As for content updates, we can use the same cron strategy on our existing build in Raku/doc-website 17:07
since the build script actually pulls in the content updates anyway
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coleman andinus gave me ssh to dev 18:54
[Coke] you can see the hourly build of doc-website container here 18:55
just set it up
I set it up this afternoon, rather 18:56
This will keep content updated, too, I believe
Until we get a content-CI installed, too 18:57
[Coke] is the hourly build also updating the *site code*, or just the content? 19:22
looks like the latter. Nifty. 19:23
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coleman merges to main on the site code are immediately updated in the container 20:31
the periodic build updates content, because the build scripts themselves pull from the tip of the content repo
so it's kind of an accident that it works 20:32
better than nothing, though
[Coke] so any commits to master automatically go live on doc/web-site 20:50
raku/doc-website, I mean. 20:51
coleman the CONTAINER is rebuilt. I have to implement auto-deploy with systemd+cron 20:52
Portainer didn't work out. I'm okay with that, though. I kind of prefer this simpler task. 20:53
The way it will work is every 30 minutes on the dev server, the cron job will pull and restart the latest instance of 20:54
and that container will itself be rebuilt hourly at the latest.
[Coke] ok. At this point, I'd be happy with ANY kind of refresh schedule, so if we need to make that less frequently, that's probably fine too. (in case it eats $$) 20:56
Thanks to coleman & sena_kun & everyone again for getting us there! 20:58
coleman My pleasure 21:20
rf Can we tie in generating CSS to also be run when we build the site 21:52
I hate running 2 commands lol
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