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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
[Coke] cfa: please open a ticket, else finanalyst won't see it 00:02
good catch
cfa ack 00:03 00:06
[Coke] commented on the ticket, but it looks fine here: 00:11
... oh, maybe because no formatting was done on that code. 00:12
cfa ah, then it's the highlighter (which i only just got working locally :)) 00:13
commented too 00:14
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Geth doc/finanalyst-patch-1: f03b281df7 | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/101-basics.pod6
remove TM char for consistency

This addresses issue #119 in doc-website, was in Raku/doc Either all references to Raku should have tm or none. My preference is for none as it is obvious
doc: finanalyst++ created pull request #4205:
remove TM char for consistency
[Coke] ^^ O 12:34
^^ I've pinged codesections (who has some legal experience & is working with The Raku Foundation) if we can drop down to just a single TM on the overview page. 12:35
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cfa hmm, the search results on the new doc site are at times unhelpful 16:17
for example, search for 'wantarray' -- you get 10 or so irrelevant antipair(s) matches before the actual matching heading 16:19
cfa checks issues
rf The searchbar is brutal. Imo it should be reimplemented. 16:34
Lot's of bugs and weirdness from it. 16:35
[Coke] I think it has been 3x now. :) 17:38
cfa 3x? 17:52
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[Coke] three times. 20:27
cfa three references to search bar issues? 20:29
[Coke] it's been rewritten three times. 20:30
cfa ah, i see 20:36
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NemokoschKiwi I'm not sure what you mean. Sure, there have been patches but at its heart, it's still the jQuery-catcomplete plugin searchbar. CIAvash went ahead and switched to something working on the other site but that one wasn't taken over - I don't terribly mind we didn't settle on that one but we are back to the original problem: the catcomplete plugin is 22:33
broken and not worth fixing.
A different thing - it would be good to bring up the templating situation to finanalyst, how much considerations went into it. It's basically just ad-hoc string concatenation over shared data, it's really hard to read. Since I took over HTML::Tag anyway, which plays well with ad-hoc HTML generation, I think it might be worth a try; at least it 22:37
would get somewhat more readable and we definitely wouldn't have to worry about generating badly structured HTML
Especially thinking of snippets like 22:39
            if $last-level eq 1 {
                $rv ~= "</li></ul>\n"
            else {
                $rv ~= "</li></ul></li></ul>\n"
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