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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
cfa i'll file an issue shortly but: 01:25
aside from the formatting code issue, the highlighter is inserting spaces in normal code blocks 01:26
compare with 01:27
most of the examples on the regexes page are "respaced" in this way 01:28
this seems to be from padding on the section class 04:09
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cfa 04:43
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[Coke] is sorry that I am not explaining myself. Trying to get past my initial reaction of "look, I've already said this X times, not sure how much more clear I can be.", trying to come up with a way that is more clear. Wondering if anyone aside from nemokosch is having trouble understanding my position. 20:34
My only other comment at the moment would just be repeating it again, which clearly didn't work the first n times. 20:38
The tone on the discussion is very draining for me to deal with, so I will ask for some patience. I'd rather focus my limited energies on getting the new website deployed. 20:40
segue to: coleman - there are currently no blockers listed for the go live, and the "pick a random date" that I picked for the deployment to give us a target is.. today 20:42
I don't see any tickets or PRs open on that milestone - do you have any issues left? 20:43
coleman I can cut over tonight if the dev site looks acceptable 20:46
I have no other blockers other than it being acceptable to someone besides me :)
I'll work on getting it set up 20:47
[Coke] I'm happy. You know as soon as we go live we'll get 50 tickets.
coleman Actually a Good Thing, right?!!
[Coke] Once live, we'll get automatic updates from raku/doc... what about raku/doc-website? Do we have to be careful that things we merge to main will go live in that 30m window? 20:48
Or do you have to push a button? (Either way is OK for initial go live as long as we know)
coleman I'll make it not automatic
Give me a few hours. I'll report back. 20:49
[Coke] Sounds good. Is there an infra page or a doc-website wiki page that details the situation and/maybe future plans?
coleman++ # I owe you a coffee.
I have another milestone for both raku/doc-website and raku/doc for end of March. If you're looking for something to help out with (that's to everyone), please look at those tickets first. 20:52
for doc-website, it's slightly more urgent items, for doc, it's an assortment of tickets, some new, some old, some docs, some meta.
coleman Thanks for organizing those tickets 20:59
[Coke] of course. 21:05
That's the easy bit. :) 21:06
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Geth doc: tbrowder++ created pull request #4215:
Modify the 'Brackets' table generator to read the data source file
tbrowder [Coke]: my PR is more than a few changes, thus the need for a merge conflict resolution. the generated table should have all the test-failure faults fixed. the file has also been reorganized and cleaned up considerably. 22:03
and also better documented 22:04
[Coke] ... did you update before submitting the PR? 22:18
Or does that conflict with the changes I made? 22:19
it does. I've already merged your old PR, and made changes *in the repo* - you'll need to update, and base your changes off the *current* version, not the old version. 22:25
keeping in mind, I already made several of these changes.
(removing whitespace, switching to $*PROGRAM...)
I had already fixed all the test failures. 22:26
Sorry I stepped on your work there, I am used to fixing things "in post" when it comes to PRs that are not part of raku/doc. 22:34
coleman Taking this to production shortly: 22:36
(meaning it'll be behind TLS and pointed to by
DNS is updated 22:47
[Coke] you will be able to view these stats, and others with infra access 22:54
I'm going to work on some documentation of this setup, and then expose an update mechanism
Geth doc-website/main: a6fb41939c | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | Website/structure-sources/about.rakudoc
New about page (#143)
[Coke] WOOT 23:06
coleman++, it's live!
Thanks to everyone who helped get this over the line.
coleman go team 23:10
I will be online for a few more hours. @ me or email me if you see anything urgent 23:12
I'll tag you on the PR to Raku/infra with documentation
Geth ¦ doc-website: finanalyst self-assigned generated from is not linking to the reflog
lizmat initial request produced a faulty pages, a forced reload fixed it 23:24
guess some caches will get confused
other than that: looks great! congrats to the doc team!
coleman [Coke] Here's a button you can click 23:41
I'll work on something accessible to more folks soon 23:42