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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
Geth ¦ doc: cfa self-assigned Spin off signature literals 00:40
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Geth doc/main: a0cb9fce9a | (Will Coleda)++ | util/clean-spell
close IO we're not using
doc/main: 8c04561348 | (Will Coleda)++ | xt/pws/words.pws
Track latest aspell install
doc/main: 59ffd079ed | (Will Coleda)++ | 2 files
remove unneeded entries
[Coke] util/clean-spell is now actually fast enough to be usable on the new mac. 01:45
Geth doc-website/main: 2b4b3c1452 | cfa++ (committed by Will Coleda) |
Document sass requirement in (#174)
doc-website/main: 9415bb1ee9 | cfa++ (committed by Will Coleda) | Website/plugins/ogdenwebb/css/main.css
update-css ogdenweb with correct sass dependency (#174)
[Coke] cfa: ^^ let me know once you've verified that looks ok on docs-dev
cfa thanks, will do 01:48
Geth doc: cfa++ created pull request #4233:
Extract a signature literals language page, update links (#2686)
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cfa [Coke]: also creating a PR for the bullet lists, now that the CSS is updated 01:59
Geth doc-website: cfa++ created pull request #183:
Display bullets for unordered lists
coleman [Coke]: I'll see if I can write the last 24 hours of logs to a file. let's see how large it is. 02:15
cfa [Coke]: docs-dev has the css change, looks fine 02:31
see also 02:32
hmm, seeing older css elsewhere, so let's allow a bit more propagation time 02:34
okay, looks good here 02:37
coleman looks like we weren't really logging much at all 03:06
I was surprised to see like 100 log lines for 24h
I am going to PR a change to the Caddyfile
Geth doc-website/more-logging: d4a36856ca | (Coleman McFarland)++ | Caddyfile
Add more access logs

Right now we are logging very little
doc-website: dontlaugh++ created pull request #184:
Add more access logs
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Geth doc-website/main: 15d4e62792 | cfa++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Display bullets for unordered lists (#183)
¦ doc-website: finanalyst self-assigned Style issue with boxes/columns on the Programs page 09:17
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Geth doc-website/main: d4a36856ca | (Coleman McFarland)++ | Caddyfile
Add more access logs

Right now we are logging very little
doc-website/main: 6ffd4dd188 | (Coleman McFarland)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | Caddyfile
Merge pull request #184 from Raku/more-logging

Add more access logs
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lizmat ok, so suppose I'd like to document the numeric coercers for Date/DateTime 15:01
how would I indicate that these are only available since 2023.02 15:02
cfa we have "available as of..." type notes in a few places, e.g. 15:10
or for language version,
i'm not sure whether there's an agreed upon convention though 15:11
[Coke] Right now, please add it directly in the text. We are still trying to figure out what the markup for it should look like. 15:17
SOmething like "Added in Rakudo compiler version 2023.02"
Geth doc/lizmat-Date-daycount: cf182e3f31 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/Date.pod6
Document Date.daycount|Int|Numeric
[Coke] vs. "Added in Raku v6.d"
Geth doc: lizmat++ created pull request #4234:
Document Date.daycount|Int|Numeric
[Coke] lizmat: yes, like that is fine for now, thanks!
When we settle on the markup, I assume we'll be able to find all these by searching for YYYY.MM 15:19
lizmat I'm not entirely sure when Date.daycount got added
or that it existed from the beginning... could be a 6.d addition
it wasn't documented anyways
[Coke] Thanks for the PR! 15:20
Geth doc/main: bf7a78beee | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Type/Date.pod6
Document Date.daycount|Int|Numeric (#4234)
[Coke] lizmat++
lizmat [Coke]: just noticed I forgot .Real :-( 15:23
I'll push that directly, ok? 15:24
[Coke] Yes, OK 15:25
thanks for checking.
Geth doc/main: 6ef34fc5f7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/Date.pod6
Also document Date.Real
[Coke] We may get to a point where we require PRs for doc stuff, but not just yet.
lizmat I was going from memory, and *then* looked at the actual commit 15:26
[Coke] We should be able to add an internal link check to the xt/ tests so that anything with L<> that points to a local ref is verified. (maybe not #ids, but at least /language/foo) 15:27
lizmat Q: multi method DateTime(Date:U --> DateTime:U) 15:30
multi method DateTime(Date:D --> DateTime:D)
isn't there an invocant : missing? shouldn't that need to be:
multi method DateTime(Date:U: --> DateTime:U)
multi method DateTime(Date:D: --> DateTime:D)
Geth doc/main: fbba32dabc | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/DateTime.pod6
Document DateTime.Real
doc/main: 0d25f95ea8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/Date.pod6
Add missing invocant markers in Date.methods
lizmat that's one checkmark in :) 15:35
cfa thanks lizmat 15:36
[Coke] lizmat++ 15:41
regarding sigs: we want it to be as close as possible to the rakudo definitions (and have an optional test that is checking these), but really, this points to an issue where roast doesn't specify sigs, only behavior (usually) 15:42
Geth doc/main: 63083c66a3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/Any.pod6
Document Any.classify|categorize(*)
[Coke] so we're kind of cheating by comparing with rakudo.
the test (basically codesection's version now) is xt/check-signatures.rakutest 15:48
need to have a local checkout of rakudo with path in RAKUDO_SRC - At some point, I want it to be smarter -and- pass -and- get run each time. :) 15:49
(ah, it does pass now, but has many SKIPS) 15:51
Geth doc/main: 1b370f7d29 | (Will Coleda)++ | xt/check-signatures.rakutest
Add test-files note
lizmat before I go: I guess we're going to create a new dir for the RakuAST:: classes 16:04
as to not mix them in with the other classes
[Coke] Yes, I think that matches with the current naming scheme anyway. each prefix is a level in the hierarchy 16:13
Geth doc-website/add-dockerfile: a487db77a2 | (Coleman McFarland)++ | Dockerfile
Stub out Dockerfile
doc-website/main: 70d184eefc | finanalyst++ (committed by Will Coleda) | 6 files
addresses issue #162

  - Remove git-reflog plugin altogether
  - Remove 'generated' and `rakutm` popups.
  - Leaving License as a popup for the time being.
doc/main: 360bee5538 | (Will Coleda)++ |
clarify spec version
doc/main: 5cb3d5a385 | (Will Coleda)++ | 13 files
Improve skip reporting

Make it more clear why the test was skipped.
[Coke] anyone considering going o the TPRC in Toronto in July? 18:42
Anyone have the history of why the URLS for folders are lowercase, but the source repo has them as titlecase? 20:10
e.g. vs. the git repo's ./Type/Int.pod6?
Geth doc-website/tm_as_char: 8ffe9d864e | finanalyst++ | Website/plugins/ogdenwebb/ogdenwebb-replacements.raku
addresses issue #182 just change template, existing css fine
doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #187:
addresses issue #182 just change template, existing css fine
doc/main: 5957cecfc9 | (Will Coleda)++ | xt/link-checker.rakutest
Add first pass at internal link checker

  * Only check primary sources or secondary pages known to exist.
  * complain about .html links - the site shouldn't need them, and POD certainly doesn't
  * Assume website path capitalization is correct for now.
[Coke] ^^ That was actually pretty easy to write; how have we not had that all this time? 20:38
There are actually several failures on that test, cleaning them up now.
tbrowder is the new, official name for pod6 (or pod) Rakupod or Rakudoc? 20:42
is it Rakupod for the 20:43
i can see Rakupod for the pod code and Rakudoc for a pod-only source file 20:45
Geth ¦ doc: coke assigned to lizmat Issue Telemetry::Instrument::AdHoc docs missing 20:46
doc/main: a3c02f31a4 | (Will Coleda)++ | doc/Type/Telemetry.pod6
remove link to non-existant content

part of #4235, ok to revert when target page exists.
doc/main: c2770d6d36 | (Will Coleda)++ | 5 files
Fix broken links discovered by xt/link-checker.rakutest
doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #188:
addresses issue #186
[Coke] I hope it's not rakupod 20:50
I think "rakudoc" is preferred based on the extension.
might be a question more for the main raku crowd, but that's my vote. 20:51
lizmat: I assigned that doc ticket to you only because it's about Telemetry which I think you added back in the day. Please feel free to unassign.
Geth doc-website/add_RakuDoc_to_title_cleanup: a6fd5f17ed | finanalyst++ | Website/plugins/ogdenwebb/ogdenwebb-replacements.raku
addresses issue #177

work on this revealed html files were not being correctly terminated with </body></html> files. So this cleanup done here.
doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #189:
addresses issue #177
doc: tbrowder++ created pull request #4236:
Change humorous text to technical exposition
doc/main: 10014cb4a9 | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/tables.pod6
Change humorous text to technical exposition (#4236)
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Geth doc-website/improve_program_styling: ce0296f199 | finanalyst++ | 3 files
addresses issue #106

changes SCSS that is targeted at Program page. change metadata for Program page to trigger styling. Similar to @Altai-man's suggestion, but not quite the same. Case of diminishing return on time investment to get absolutely the same
doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #190:
addresses issue #106
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