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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
Geth doc/main: 4912b14edf | (Will Coleda)++ | writing-docs/
Clarify policy on example snippets

Closes #4138
doc/buf-examples: 632c4db78b | (Will Coleda)++ | doc/Type/Buf.rakudoc
Cleanup examples and some text

Closes #4264
doc: coke++ created pull request #4265:
Cleanup examples and some text
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coleman [Coke] I've upgraded our plan so we won't run out of minutes 16:25
I opened an issue to find an altnernative like Sparrow 16:26
I met with andinus today and we discussed it
Geth doc: cfa++ created pull request #4266:
Update old `#index-entry-...` links
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[Coke] thanks 18:48
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