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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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Geth doc-website/Add_development_mode: a0cb50d988 | finanalyst++ | 280 files
Add Development mode, remove CHANGELOG, revise README

Development mode is a clone of Website for testing changes. It must be specified when running build-site The only modification (at this PR) is that html is rendered in `development_rendered_html` and CHANGELOG.rakudoc are removed because they are not used at present.
README.rakudoc is amended to reflect Development Mode. Note that is generated from README.rakudoc using `Pod::To::Markdown2`
doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #218:
Add Development mode, remove CHANGELOG, revise README
doc-website/bump_pod_render_requirement: 04de958a2a | finanalyst++ | META6.json
Bump requirement of Raku-Pod-Render
doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #219:
Bump requirement of Raku-Pod-Render
doc/finanalyst-patch-1: 20e516beeb | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/modules.rakudoc
Update modules.rakudoc

Link url has a typo (should be `/language/filename-extensions`, not `/Language/...`
doc: finanalyst++ created pull request #4272:
Update modules.rakudoc
¦ doc-website: dontlaugh self-assigned Create a way to review developer changes without affecting the production build 15:29
[Coke] frustrating that we have Language in repo, but html links are expected to be language 16:56
lizmat even more frustrating if the confusion when you rename the "Language" dir to "language" on a case-preserving / case-insensitive file system 16:57
[Coke] yup. if we ever want to rename those, I will move doc to resources/ or whatever the install directory is. 16:59