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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
coleman Is the "About" link not clickable for anyone else? I'm talking about the header 02:01
feels javascripty 02:02
rf I can click it 03:38
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[Coke] I can click it, seems like a regular <a> 13:21
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lucs Oooh, the channel is logged. Yay! 13:51
Er, not sure where though...
Oh, got it (says on the website).,
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lucs Just opened recent doc logs for fun and would like to mention this: 13:57
@coleman: The "About" link won't click for me either (as won't "Report an issue…", but I have a workaround: 13:59
Click on the word "More", then press arrow-down once (or twice) and Enter. 14:00
Er, actually twice (or four times). 14:01
[Coke] Please report an issue for that, and be sure to include browser info/version (clicking on those links works here and they look like <a> tags, so not sure what's going wrong there for you) 14:07
lucs Okay.
[Coke] also maybe include viewport size. 14:08
(maybe the css is causing something to hover over the <a>_) 14:09
Thanks for the report, either way 14:13
coleman I've opened issue 226 in doc-website to track the About link issue. Interestingly, the link works fine if I narrow my browser window's width. 16:21
See screenshots there for more info. 16:22
lucs coleman: Cf. :-) 16:33
We appear to agree :)
coleman ack!
Mine's better. Mine has SCREENSHOTs
yours has the nod from [Coke], though 16:34
...perhaps we're even...this time
lucs I'm not a big fan of screenshots, but hey, twice reported, maybe it'll get twice the action!
coleman I'm going to close yours in favor of the one with screenshots. Please don't take it as a slight. :) 16:35
lucs Hmm...
[Coke] (screenshots) annoying to provide but definitely helps. 16:36
lucs I can't copy/paste screenshots in my notes, that's why I avoid them as much as possible.
coleman I'm adding your browser environment to my issue 16:37
lucs And describing problems in words is excellent writing practice (for me anyway).
coleman lucs what OS do you use? 16:38
or rather what OS was this bug detected on
lucs Linux, Slackware 14.2
[Coke] coleman: we can close tickets as dupes rather than completed, but we're not doing any kind of tracking on that 16:39
lucs I'm not offended, but mine wasn't a "dupe", it was an "antecedent" :) 16:40
coleman okay, back to day job 16:41
lucs Have fun!
coleman weeeee
lucs Okay, who wants to do one with screenshots about: when a page has a '▸' openable menu on the left, after opening and selecting an item, it should automatically close. 16:45
Another one: "Enter to select" doesn't always. 16:47
[Coke] Just saw a ticket about that one 16:48
lucs Oh, I searched for one, must have missed it.
[Coke] - very old ticket, recent comment
lucs Oh, it's a variant of that, right. 16:49
And that "Enter to select" text is both annoying (it wraps/unwraps lines in the dropdown as the mouse scrolls up and down) and sometimes wrong (when moving down the possible choices with a down arrow, the "Enter to select" doesn't follow and pressing "Enter" selects where the arrow is at, not where the "Enter to select" text is). 16:53
(wraps/unwraps when the browser window is narrow)
[Coke] Yup. I think we are going to need a rewrite pass on search that addresses many of these issues holistically 16:55
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