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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
Geth doc: 0rir++ created pull request #4279:
Add info to 5to6-perlfunc.rakudoc at each HASH
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Geth doc-website/remove_html_ext_in_refs: 672eb2451c | finanalyst++ | 3 files
fixed typos found by @2colors
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coleman Richard has been talking about turning search into a dedicated service powered by a Cro webserver. I'd like to note my strong objection to that, at least at this stage. 22:19
The site doesn't feel slow to me, and if there are bugs with search we can fix them by working to optimize the current paradigm of a statically-compiled index. 22:20
This website has too many dependencies as it stands
Let's not add another one unless we really need to
I sent richard an invite to the CI system 22:32
[Coke] My original ask was *for* a dynamic site, but am willing to let it go as I think we can now be moving toward a solution with a fully static, so OK. 22:56
afk 22:57
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