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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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lizmat is it correct that a =table with only a header, is codegenned as only having rows ? 10:54
case in point:
=begin table 10:55
foo bar
=end table
what would be a good delimiter to put between two URLs ? 11:52
[Coke]_ It feels to me that the use of <strong> in is somehow a rendering artefact ? 13:52
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[Coke] yes, that shouldn't look like that. 15:02
It rendered the B<> as a <strong>, then escaped the strong 15:03
the :allow there isn't working as intended, I think. 15:04
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lizmat *phew* yeah, was wondering if I missed something 15:07
hmmm.. I also just noticed that no markup is allowed with declarator pod ? 17:28
Q: I don't see a way to get more than one element in a leading or trailing Pod::Block::Declarator object, am I missing something? 17:41
I wonder why it is codegenned as a single element array containing a single element array 17:44
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lizmat aka [["foo"],] rather than "foo" 17:46
[Coke] That is an excellent question. My recent work to test the pod in raku/doc ended up just always doing a .join and treating it as text. Some items have arrays, but I think it made everything an array all the time for consistency 18:17
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