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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] anyone see any issues if a .rakudoc extension implied the --doc command line arg? 18:12
(currently it treats it like .raku and runs the code) 18:13
Voldenet maybe you could make extensions map configurable via env vars 18:15
lizmat Voldenet: OOC what other extension -> functionality mapping do you have in mind? 18:16
Voldenet RAKUDO_FILE_EXTENSIONS=raku:code,rakudoc:doc,rakumod:mod,p6:code,pod6:doc,pm6:mod
something likee that perhaps 18:17
lizmat what different functionality would mod have ?
from code I mean
Voldenet theoretically it would indicate a module, I didn't think this too much though 18:18
s/think this/think this through/
RAKUDO_FILE_EXTENSIONS=rakudoc:doc,pod6:doc,*:code 18:19
I doubt anyone would ever need to change this either way
[Coke] I wouldn't want to make this an env var. 18:22
lizmat I think hardcoding .rakudoc --> --doc for now, would give us ample feedback
[Coke] envisioning someone turning on code execution when you weren't expecting it. 18:23
Voldenet I don't feel strongly about that – env var can be added when someone needs it (which is never) 18:44
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