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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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lizmat starts looking at handling =table doc 09:22
what strikes me is that some of the formatting information is lost
specifically what the column dividers are
and where any row dividers where placed (and how)
has this ever been an issue / request ? 09:23
*were placed
I've gathered my thoughts around supporting =table in RakuAST in 11:30
comments / suggestions etc welcome 11:31
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Voldenet I wish search was able to search for `Array.push` and get the as the result 13:59
not sure if it's necessary to have
lizmat that feels like a useful feature though 14:01
[Coke] Yes, that would be nice. please consider opening a feature request at doc-website 14:18
Voldenet done 14:38
can't add labels, so here's the relevant issue 14:40
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