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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] is that something we could consider using in Raku/rakudoc ? 15:19
coleman: any blockers on the devops side of things? 19:01
lizmat [Coke]: yes, I think all rakudoc renderers should / will start using the RakuAST tree, rather than what has been mangled into $=pod 19:03
[Coke] ok, let's start with the tests in raku/doc/xt and go from there. I'll poke at that this evening. 19:36
lizmat note that the RakuDoc::To::Text renderer is *not* compatible with Pod::To::Text 19:38
it does way more (such as creating an index of links)
[Coke] need HEAD rakudo for this, yes? 19:39
lizmat yes 19:43
[Coke] no way to officially declare that, right? Ah, maybe declare dependency on the module? 19:48
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