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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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lizmat so I think I'm going to give a stab at documenting RakuAST classes 12:57
which is 360+ classes 13:00
[Coke] So, we have a place for type docs to go. Wonder if we want a standard header that mentions experimental and links to a top level language page about the AST 13:22
also: that's a lot!
patrickb It might make sense to think about how RakuAST documentation relates to the rest of the docs. I do believe RakuAST could be a good anchor point for the reference documentation of the Raku syntax. AFAIK the syntax is currently mostly documented in language/syntax, but otherwise sprinkled throughout the rest of the docs. 14:25
sena_kun re documenting: I believe we'll get a better effort-to-result ratio if one writes a tutorial like document explaining how to traverse RakuAST themselves, without an effort to document _all_ 350 classes 17:00
lizmat well, I hope that and follow up blog posts will be a good start for a tutorial 17:06
Voldenet imo .AST and .DEPARSE are more useful than docs in getting things done 17:19
for people that know raku's syntax at least
lizmat and don't forget .raku :-) 17:20
Voldenet for parts that can't use the above, code examples are going to be more useful, I'm not saying to ditch the docs, just that their use would be limited anyway 17:23
I'm not a fan of having this big `RakuAST::` trees in the actual code anyway, constant string-based AST generation and minor replacements are going to be easier to read and modify 17:35
so: `'if "REPLACE_FIRST" eq "REPLACE_SECOND" { return "REPLACE_THIRD" }'.AST` and then ast traversal with StrLiterals replaced by variables or untrusted input 17:36
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