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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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lizmat ok, some good some maybe not so good news 12:12
I just realized that all of the RakuAST rendering test were still using Pod::To::Text 12:13
so all the fixes I did were basically related to $=pod generation
and so RakuDoc::To::Text is basically untested as of yet
and is actually not working atm because of some weird internal error 12:14
the good news: RakuDoc::To::Text should render faster than Pod::To::Text, so raku documentation tests should only get faster still 12:15
[Coke] cool 14:05
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Util The schedule at (Second Saturday) implies that there is a call now. 16:08
I am working on my TPRC talk, but am on the call if anyone else wants to discuss Docs.
lizmat [Coke] 16:10
Util Call over. Just lizmat and myself. I have added the upcoming Aug 12th meeting to the wiki, and will mention it here 24 hours before. 17:00
lizmat Util++ 17:01
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[Coke] Util++ I am battiong 2/10 or something right now 21:33
I am happy to have a call next week if there's interest and topics
my current agenda: we did great 1st quarter on tickets cleanup, not so great Q2 but fin* is doing some heavy spec lifting atm. 21:34
liamat doing a bunch of work on rakuast pod
i did a small bit of enabling there, currently poking at converting tests in raku/doc to use rakuast if possible (deffinitely not in some cases) 21:35
(I am in another state right now and did not plan for raku stuff while here, entirely my bad) 21:38