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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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lizmat [Coke]: you need to update the doc repo I think 07:41
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Geth doc: Altai-man self-unassigned //= Not easy to find in docs
2colours++ created pull request #4331: Polish the "list prefix" entry
[Coke] lizmat: oh, thought it was just rakudo updates. my bad. 11:47
lizmat no worries, I recognized the error 11:48
[Coke] ... I just dumped a ton of info in raku-dev instead, sorry 12:08
'make xtest' in raku/doc has some failures related to pod formatting in the context of examples compilation testing - if someone could look at this gist and clean those up, might be a good intro task: 12:09, I mean. 12:10 - from a recent SO comment. 12:12
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