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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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tbrowder__ howdy, i'm working on a doc PR and wonder if this is an acceptable X<> reference (on next line): 18:07
=head1 X<Language, Whitespace> Whitespace... 18:08
lizmat tbrowder__: are you trying to cross reference "Language, Whitespace" but have nowhere to link it to yet, then yes I think it's valid 18:38
tbrowder__ yes, i tried to find it by search but not much luck. then i searched all the raw src docs and not much referencing showed up. 18:47
i vaguely remember the last time i worked on docs there was an accpt 18:48
acceptable but rigidly defined sequence 18:49
*at least for the first entry, not sure about the second
anyhoo, working on a PR and plan to use that ref if no objection 18:50
[Coke] oops, should have pushed sooner, now have a conflict in my test cleanup 19:59
make sure 'TEST_FILES=<files you changed> make xtest" is clean on the PR 20:00
I believe that covers the valid X links.
xt/search-categories.rakutest 20:03
ah, run that one without any subtests. 20:04
er, without specifying test_files
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