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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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coleman I received an email regarding domain expiration that looked like a scam. Did others receive it? 14:25
"Facture Technical Support" was the title. Never heard of it, and our domains are registered with cloudflare. I'm guessing it is a scam. 14:27
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lizmat yeah, scam 19:47
[Coke] would it be an idea to rework the series into a single file for the doc repo ? 19:48
[Coke] Do you see it as a new doc, or replacing the existing p5 stuff? 20:37
[Coke] kind of wishes we had a community manager (on top of all the other things we don't have) 20:42
afk 20:43
Geth doc: habere-et-dispertire++ created pull request #4353:
Using chained comparator
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