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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
Util Coke: Just read the back-scroll (due to your email). Thanks for following through! 01:31
I expect to not be able to try it until this weekend, but will let y'all know if fails me. 01:32
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[Coke] Util++ 14:07
Geth doc/main: a651021e6b | (Márton Polgár)++ (committed by Will Coleda) | doc/Language/regexes.rakudoc
Making %% for regexes more noticeable and precise
[Coke] nemo, thanks. 14:18
(sorry about short name, I apparentely rely heavily on name autocomplete!) 14:27
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Geth doc/main: e08ad17e97 | (Will Coleda)++ | doc/Language/regexes.rakudoc
[Coke] weird, the qx/pkg-config/ in one of the examples is getting executed 20:05
not just compiled.
coleman that sounds not-good 20:18
Geth doc/main: 7db9eed5d1 | (Will Coleda)++ | 10 files
remove all jQuery refs.
doc/main: 09fe6e9cad | (Will Coleda)++ | 3 files
no longer used file types