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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
Geth doc-website/replace_search: 5a45e86b29 | finanalyst++ | 20 files
Refactor search function

This addresses multiple issues, nearly all of those tagged `SEARCH`. The PR:
  - introduces a new plugin called `options-search`, which replaces `search-bar` almost seemlessly
  - modifies plugin `page-styling` to remove the right-hand tile. This was hidden before. The tile was introduced to provide a frame for the search results to be presented. The approach was not liked, so there is no need to have the HTML for it.
  - The options-search search bar contains an icon to the right with an (i) and a tooltip saying search options
  - Pressing on the i icon generates a modal frame with the various options available and the short cuts.
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doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #298:
Refactor search function
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