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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
Geth ¦ doc-website: finanalyst self-assigned Notes on latest search updates 18:28
doc-website/change_keyboard_shortcut_for_TOC: c2307e2ba8 | finanalyst++ | 2 files
Change ToC keyboard shortcut

comments to new search function pointed out that common keyboard shortcuts should be avoided. The current ToC shortcut is `Ctrl-A`, which is commonly select-all. So, this is changed to 'Alt-T', which is not common.
  - change needed to listener in JS code
  - change to title for tool tip
doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #302:
Change ToC keyboard shortcut
doc-website/replace_search: 06ad91cb70 | finanalyst++ | 4 files
open search when not visible & place in top right

  - [@MARTIMM requests](
  - when search bar not visible, such as when hamburger replaces navigation bar, the `Ctrl-F` will make search visible and place cursor in box
  - move search bar when hamburger open to top right
coleman stopping the docs-dev site for updates 22:47
Geth doc-website/replace_search: 43ba33cfc5 | finanalyst++ | 2 files
change Google search location, edit Info modal, enter operation

  - the Google search option was associated with a button on the modal, but did not work in any case (a copy/paste error from search-bar code)
  - @vrurg suggested it be added to the search list
  - Enter when no candidate selected had no effect
Patch does these:
  - When there is no match result, a Google search line is added to the results list, which uses the Google search engine on the query data
  - The Google search button is removed from the "settings modal"
  - If characters are entered into the search bar & no match candidate is selected using cursor or mouse, then pressing `Enter` will select the first match candidate.
  - If a selection is made, however, pressing Enter goes to the selected candidate
coleman docs-dev is back 22:57