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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
[Coke] ab5tract: hi - did I miss a send before that last one? 02:06
no I did not. ab5tract , just opened 02:43
coleman: something you have opinions on? 02:52
coleman sometimes a little git surgery is needed. I will check out the recommended commands tomorrow. 03:18
looks pretty safe at first glance
[Coke] lizmat: coleman isnot a member of the raku team under permissions 03:21
I think the "force push" was the scary part, but this is a low risk repo 03:22
coleman it's indeed a history rewrite. we can take a backup first. 03:24
I sleep now 😪 03:25
[Coke] zzz 03:28
did a logt of ticket cleanup on, self assigned a ton.
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Geth ¦ doc-website: finanalyst self-assigned syntax/ is an arbitrary Perl to Raku snippet 08:48
¦ doc-website: finanalyst unassigned from coke Issue Correctly represent namespace separators in the search box 09:02
¦ doc-website: finanalyst self-assigned Correctly represent namespace separators in the search box
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Geth doc-website/remove_redundant_headings_from_search: 22cdbcccdb | finanalyst++ | Website/plugins/options-search/add-options-search.raku
fix issue #193

  - Headings in Composite files were being added to Search data, but composite files are themselves created from Primary headings, so headings in composite files are redundant.
  - This patch filters them out of search data.
doc-website: finanalyst++ created pull request #310:
fix issue #193
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NemokoschKiwi Re, I suspect the site updater script has faulty logic and it simply goes unnoticed because it does the safe thing often enough... 12:03
[Coke] there's an open bug about the script, FYI
NemokoschKiwi to me this reads like, "if the includes folder has been changed"
and mowyw --make will *avoid* full regeneration of content 12:04
so it says "if the includes folder has been changed, DON'T regenerate all the files, if it hasn't, then DO regenerate all of them"
which means in theory, if somebody modified an included template, the content would be wrong until the next commit that doesn't modify any included templates 12:05
(and also that there is a lot of unintended regeneration going on, I guess) 12:06
for the features part... not one hundred percent sure but I think we might have even eliminated the features part 12:08
it's still hosted but the repository fetched has been archived 3 years ago 12:09 look at the header 12:10
the current header is not even this anymore 12:11
Actually, even "Design" was removed from the navbar 12:12
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