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Geth doc-website/main: b4c31daa0c | (Osei Poku)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 6 files
Exploring various options for keyboard shortcuts (#337)

  * Shortcut that will work on Mac
  - Mac and JS do not work consistently, so testing for altKey in JS does not activate the ALT-L type shortcuts.
  - Changing for Command-L breaks other shortcuts
  - CTRL-L type shortcuts are widely used for other functions, so need to be avoided
  - Single character shortcuts can be implemented, but break search box entry
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doc-website/make_index_text_searchable: 73d71a5672 | finanalyst++ | Website/plugins/options-search/add-options-search.raku
Resolves issue #206. Indexed information should be made searchable, rather than extra info

  - by moving some data gathered from `X<>` markup from the Info field to the Value field, it becomes searchable.
  - after using it for a bit, I think this is a useful change
  - users need to active 'Indexed' data in the search options (default disabled) to use this.
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