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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] another raku ast doc diff: 16:15
RAKUDO_AST_DOCS=v xt/rakuast-compare.rakutest doc/Type/independent-routines.rakudoc
-can cause confusion with unusual file names. Use run if you want to be
+can cause confusion with unusual file names. Use run|#sub_run if you want
Geth doc/main: 8ce6bd8605 | (Will Coleda)++ | xt/01-raku-version.rakutest
Automatically determine latest version

Instead of having a hardcoded value we need to change each release.
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[Coke] looks like several failures on new L<> output. 18:42
old is Seq, new is rendering Seq|/type/Seq, etc. 18:50
from L<Seq|/type/Seq> 18:51
weirdly only failing in some places - L<Seq|/type/Seq> is all over the source, and it's working as expected most places.
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