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tonyo sorry, i think ssl expired 18:29
taking a lok
look* 18:30
should come back up..the registrar changed authoritive ns and did not update mine for some reason 18:33
resolving for me now 18:34
lizmat wonders who this is addressed to ? 18:35
tonyo it's for JRaspass 18:36
looking into your email issue 18:37
lizmat ah, cool! :-)
want me to do a reset again?
tonyo gf was running 100k race in the woods and i've been out of cell/internet reception for a few days
lizmat wow! 18:38
100K miles or km?
tonyo 100km
lizmat still way cool :-) 18:39
lizmat typically needs 2-3 days to cycle 100km :-)
tonyo she rann 100 miles a couple months ago
furthest i've done was 200 miles and it took about 18 hours
cycling, def not running 18:40
can you do the pw reset? the mail service isn't showing anything failed
lizmat >>= Username: lizmat 18:41
>>= A reset key was successfully requested, please check your email
ok, worked now 18:42
so what changed?
tonyo i don't think anything's changed 18:43
the dns was for a different domain that rakuland uses
JRaspass tonyo ill try again in a sec, is there a plan to make the data we ingest more official at any point? i still find it weird to access it via a raw db conn 18:45
tonyo JRaspass: you mean like an api?
JRaspass yeah, off a more official looking domain with zef/fez in the name ;-P 18:46
i mean we're showing it as public data on the site, it is effectively public data
a simple join route would suffice
just whack it in an s3 bucket and maybe front it
tonyo iirc rakuland is showing downloads and author meta info? 18:49
also, i have a server showing up on friday that is going to run smoke matrices of modules and generate quality scores
JRaspass yeah, or at least it will resume so once i turn it back on, it was blocking ingestion since there's a bug in pg::db which means it retries forever trying to conn to a host lol 18:50
tonyo ouch on that plus my registrar
it's resolving again for me
JRaspass 3 sec cooldown between but it used up the 1 hour window of each gitlab ci job
tonyo i'll put something together to do a text dump of both data 18:51
which way are you consuming download info, by version or by dist name minus version or both?
JRaspass thanks that would be cool
summing where version is null, i believe that gets me all-time? i thought it would be weird for it to drop to zero when a new version is released, i wonder what npm does 18:52
tonyo that works for me, i was thinking you might be showing all time + version specific 18:54
i'll dump just that then and if later we want version info, nbd
JRaspass yeah we could do some kind of sparklines/graph ui too 18:55
the dist route needs more work, but its getting there, the new info column on the right is nice imo along with the better md parser
i've restored the code hitting the db, we'll see if the 20:00 BST ingestion works :-) 18:56
tonyo fingers crossed
the box is nice looking, i don't see downloads in there 18:57
JRaspass they show up if the data is there 18:58
gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/b...crotmp#L70 18:59
tonyo ah, wonder if the dns on that server needs flushed so it finds the db host again 19:00
JRaspass we're off to the races gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/j...1570300775 19:02
tonyo good news 19:03
JRaspass ah npm shows weekly downloads as a graph, but they also have a lot more downloads than us i suspect 19:04
tonyo i'd suspect one of my early nodejs modules has mrore downloads a week than we do altogether 19:06
also one of the lamest modules ever written
JRaspass it worked! 838 downloads - raku.land/zef:tony-o/fez
tonyo www.npmjs.com/package/optional
JRaspass wow, 4 years old and crazy popular, nice one 19:07
tonyo 9 years ago was 0.1
and it doesn't work that great 19:08
JRaspass damn, my 9 year old code would be dodgy perl
tonyo it was just wrapping an awful way to check if a module was available in (now) very old js 19:09
JRaspass yeah i guess require is old hat now with native modules 19:11