lizmat 400! 09:51
JRaspass jjatria where is the email info obtained on pages such as ? 12:09
in the case of zef I guess it's the fez meta info 12:10
but what for CPAN?
JRaspass from for zef stuff for cpan 12:11
github/gitlab graphql apis for p6c
lizmat JRaspass++ # update my meta info at the right places :-) 12:12
JRaspass should be picked up by the next reload then, coolio, avatar is from gravatar 12:13
'//' || CASE WHEN id LIKE 'cpan:%' THEN md5(lower(substr(id, 6)) || '') ELSE md5(lower(COALESCE(email, id))) END || '?d=identicon' 12:14
lizmat there's still 2 modules or so that create some issues with App::Mi6
JRaspass as in they don't package correctly or aren't being indexed correctly? if the latter i could have a poke? 12:15
lizmat in one case, it's the version lookup logic not grokking Acme::ಠ_ಠ 12:16
and in the case of uniname-words, it insists in using 6.c as the version, instead of the version I tell it to
JRaspass yeah version logic is complicated, i needed to be able to sort by version in postgres so it currently rejects a handful of dists :-(
lizmat JRaspass: yeah, the version is ok, it's just that App::Mi6 cannot find it due to the funky module name 12:17
JRaspass right gotcha
yeah we also don't support one of alexdaniel's crazy dists
lizmat I still don't know what's going on with uniname-words
JRaspass he had a null one (postgres can't store nulls in strings) and one that's an empty string (no idea how to make a url for that)
but yours is just funky unicode, seems like an mi6 bug to me 12:18
lizmat yeah, that one is 12:21
JRaspass was the cpan one packaged manually? it seems to have the correct version 12:23
lizmat yeah, I wonder how that ever got uploaded :-) 12:40
JRaspass: why is in the recent uploads ? 13:58
ah... I see
hmmm... 13:59
I think
how can I remove that one?
it's not in the ecosystem anymore
as in: the old ecosystem repo
JRaspass yeah github: or gitlab: is p6c 14:00
and their update time is just the latest commit 14:01
since few people tag releases on git we don't support it
lizmat ah, it's gone form the Recent Dists now :-) 14:10
JRaspass: is there a reason why "cpan:ROBERTLE" is not clickable on ? 14:19
JRaspass not overly, that's probably good ux improvement 14:22
lizmat yeah, took me a while to realize I could click the name 14:23
I guess I'll be taking all of Robert Lemmen's published modules under my care
jjatria zef is up to 11% on the stats page! lizmat++ 16:01
lizmat yeah, it's been quite a ride
meh, the JSON::Fast that is shown on is not at all what you get when you do zef install JSON::Fast 17:38
it's because the git version has a higher version number 17:39
I guess the cpan one should be removed, I'll ping timo
JRaspass hmm why don't we have the git one on the site? is it on the p6c meta.list? 17:45
m.r.o only has the cpan one too
lizmat I'm not sure 17:46
ran into that trying to tighten some dependencies
something else: would it be possible to order modules on the author page by age? (youngest uploads first) 17:48
so there are two Config::Parser::json modules in the ecosystem
one by the late Robert Lemmen, and one by someone else which has a higher version number but which does not install because of test errors :-( 17:49
and the one by Robert Lemmen also doesn't pass its tests :-( 17:54
JRaspass sure, adding the ability to sort the headings seems sane 18:17
lizmat also for the home page
having 6pm as the first module you seen on and then see it hasn't been touched for 2 years... bad intro 18:18
*see 18:24
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