lizmat appears down? 11:37
jjatria appears down? 12:07
yeah, it's up again! 12:26
JRaspass yeah that was fun, new hardware, bug in kernel was filling syslog, we ran out of disk space lol 12:40
The "fix" was adding "pci=noaer" to grud
*grub for the curious 12:41
lizmat :-)
JRaspass wants to stick to software, hardware sucks :-P
lizmat FWIW, I've set up an Updown monitor on
JRaspass emailed me, i was just in a meeting for $dayjob lol 12:42
heh we're using the same service i guess then
lizmat aah... yeah, I forgot I got to know about Updown through
ok, I'll drop mine then :-) 12:43
JRaspass okay
well hopefully that's the last of the new box teething problems
the new box executes the raku a bit faster, startup is down to 3.5s from 5s 12:44
lizmat I assume that's starting the web service, right ?
JRaspass yeah
page response time is much quicker :-P
than that
lizmat cool that it's faster... takes about 30 seconds... but then it's reading / parsing 1G of IRC logs at that time :-) 12:45
JRaspass It's a new Ryzen 7700 from hetzner for the curious
lizmat cool
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