sjn Heya folks 10:23
lizmat sjn o/ 10:24
sjn quick question; which module/code actually _writes_ the META6.json files?
lizmat App::Mi6 creates / writes the META6.json file 10:25
14:26 rcmlz joined
rcmlz "fez" does also create/update META6.json 14:26
lizmat but only inside the tar-file, no? 14:28
rcmlz ``` 14:36
fez init Test:Module
cd Test-Module
fez resource "config.json"
cat META6.json
  "auth": "zef:zero-overhead",
  "build-depends": [
  "depends": [
  "description": "A brand new and very nice module",
  "name": "Test-Module",
  "provides": {
    "Test:Module": "lib/Test:Module.rakumod"
  "resources": [
fez modifies the META6.json also 14:37
lizmat aaah... I only use fez upload (indirectly).... so that explains :-) 14:43
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tonyo you can manage the META6 with fez now too, yea. not just in the tar 23:17