sjn where does the spec reside, btw? 00:02
on CPAN, it's CPAN::Meta::Spec
jjatria I think the synopses are the closest we have: 00:05
sjn ok, there needs to be a formal specification 00:07
anything less than that should be considered a bug
jjatria: btw, would you like to join the #perl-raku channel on the OWASP CycloneDX slack? There are a bunch of people there who are looking into improving the state of SBOM there, though I think I'm the only one who raised the hand for the Raku ecosystem 00:31
tonyo tbrowder__: there is a spec for marking a module deprecated is by marking it's replacement as a supercedes 02:19
i doubt it's implemented anywhere, quite possibly in zef (i know it did at some point, before there was any usages) 02:20
a smaller design change that allows you to deduplicate (in a way) is filtering by auth. another, easier way, might just be a checksum of the package 02:24
err, of the lib folder (since the meta is different)
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lizmat so I made a PR and JJ Merelo immediately merged it: 13:01
jjatria: that format should allow you to de-dupe, right?
not that it would work for this initial set, as I have removed all of my modules from PAUSE, so they weren't seen by raku.lad ayway 13:02
if this appeals, then I could do the same for all raku community modules 13:03
nvm sorry for the noise 13:46
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tonyo filtering by auth, probably should've said ecosystem 15:39
so you can filter and just look for stuff like zef: or cpan: or whatever: