japhb Where is the list of the official core team members? Someone asked me, and I wasn't sure, other than possibly the "Reviewers" team on github.com/orgs/Raku/teams 19:19
lizmat at the end of: github.com/Raku/Raku-Steering-Coun...0210712.md 19:28
japhb Not the RSC, the core team. 19:29
(I just figured the RSC would need to know that, since one of the RSC powers is to handle core team ejection.) 19:30
lizmat aha... ok.... hmmm... 19:31
well, for clarity, added the RSC member names to the README
I guess we need to look at commit bits in rakudo/rakudo ?
japhb Wait, there's one less name in the README than in my announcement 19:32
lizmat oops 19:33
fixed now
argh... need to tell Geth to log in to this channel as well
19:35 Geth joined
lizmat ok, future RSC commits *will* get posted here as well 19:35
japhb (y)
Hmmm, I'm not even sure how to get the commit bit list for rakudo/rakudo. Wouldn't that be really big though? Or was it trimmed at some point? 19:36
lizmat I believe it was trimmed at some point 22:25