18 Nov 2023
japhb OK 19:58
lizmat japhb: meeting ? 20:02
codesections: meeting ?
japhb BAH, have to deal with a life thing. May be in in a minute
20 Nov 2023
lizmat ping codesections 20:59
16 Dec 2023
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10 Jan 2024
¦ Raku-Steering-Council: lizmat self-assigned Despotic moderation actions github.com/Raku/Raku-Steering-Council/issues/57 17:20
¦ Raku-Steering-Council: lizmat self-unassigned Despotic moderation actions github.com/Raku/Raku-Steering-Council/issues/57
¦ Raku-Steering-Council: vrurg self-assigned Despotic moderation actions github.com/Raku/Raku-Steering-Council/issues/57 20:24
13 Jan 2024
ugexe We should discuss gist.github.com/tony-o/f515d873195...nt-4801735 today too since there hasn’t been a majority of approval comments yet 17:20
The main gist, not the specific comment I just linked to 😬 17:21
vrurg BTW, should I just close github.com/Raku/Raku-Steering-Council/issues/57 now? 22:23
japhb It should be closed upon the release of the decision. 23:43
16 Jan 2024
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18 Jan 2024
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Fix year, duh, dakkar++
lizmat <discord-raku-bot> <antononcube> Does the ban "from all Raku related spaces" includes publishing at raku.land? 17:38
[18:35:04] <lizmat> my personal opinion is that it shouldn't, but that's up to the CAT
[18:37:52] <jdv> yeah, that seems ridiculous. publishing code is so easy whats the point?
perhaps the CAT should clarify ?
roguerakudev Just a note, Nemokosch has left the Discord for the moment. I have not heard anything from him directly, but it appears he is willing to accept the council's ban 23:01
5 Feb 2024
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Vushu Dear RSC I would like to help with the development of comma ide, I think it's interresting to understand how raku is parsed and utilised, since it must be a quite complicated language to parse. I suggest to turn some of the core functionality of Comma to a language server, thereby enabling raku support for various editor that support LSP. 20:01
6 Feb 2024
lizmat Vushu: thank you! 10:34
12 Feb 2024
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Add RSC meeting minutes for 2024-02-10
13 Feb 2024
tbrowder__ I just talked to Brian D Foy about rakudo-star and his cohorts working on windows ports of Raku modules using Chocolately. They need helpers. I woulld like to see the RSC push the Raku Foundation to support Windows versions of modules by advertising grants for such. I will contribute to that. I believe good windows support is vital for expanding use of Raku (the 18:24
young crowd still uses windows)
22 Feb 2024
anyone see my msg above on 13 feb? does it make any sense? 17:07
japhb Yes, you just got unlucky with timing. RSC meetings are every 2-3 weeks; the next one is in two days. 17:16
Good reminder that we should actually ACK in channel though.
9 Mar 2024
ugexe I’ll probably miss the meeting today, I’m feeling pretty under the weather 19:00
lizmat meh... get well soon: there's a lot of it going around: jnthn e.g. has been under the weather for almost a week 19:02
vrurg Am I the only one in the meeting? 20:03
lizmat vrurg: I'm in the meeting with codesections 20:04
vrurg Looks like Jitsi does it again... What's your meeting link? 20:05
3 Apr 2024
ugexe Dunno if I’ll be at the meeting on Saturday. We’ll be on the road on the way to an eclipse watch spot, but I’ll try to join on my phone again 23:40
4 Apr 2024
japhb Post if you get a good photo of totality? :-) 00:39
lizmat is jealous :-) 08:50