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Clarify Raku Steering Council Code

The current Raku Steering Council Code combines details of the initial proposal for adopting the code with actual implementation details. This commit revises the Code to remove the portions that are not relevant post-adoption (but preserves the initial proposal for future reference). It also provides definitions for a few terms that were ... (14 more lines)
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Clarify Raku Steering Council Code
japhb I reviewed the PR with some minor nits, but I also have a general question for us (we can discuss this in our next call if y'all would prefer): 23:17
Should membership in RSC be considered an "active" contribution?
Also, I think we're missing people who are doing code reviews and bug reports, but not doing the final commits (even if they have a commit bit). 23:19
Anyway, something for us to ruminate upon.
lizmat and packagers: 23:21
it appears that Robert Lemmen died over a year ago :-( 23:22
with 5 modules in the ecosystem 23:23
japhb :-( 23:29
lizmat can't find much more than about his death 23:30
well, apart from his last commit being in May 2020
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