vrurg Anybody to try the room today? 15:17
lizmat looks up the mail 15:30
vrurg: I've got too many mails and links and all links so far don't work 15:31
which link should I use ?
vrurg chat.fosdem.org/#/room/#raku-rsc:fosdem.org
Try this one, direct to the room.
lizmat You are not invited to this room
Ok, I needed to join first using one of the other links 15:33
vrurg Right.
lizmat I see vrurg's image now
vrurg I've just started the conference mode. 15:34
lizmat ok, I can see you
grrr 15:46
vrurg It looks like some testing is mandatory for everybody willing to participate.
lizmat so it stops working :-(
vrurg Even though it's jitsi conferencing, but they made it working weirdishly. 15:47
I'll be back in a couple of minutes.
I'm back 15:49
Still doesn't work?
lizmat am back now 15:52
but I don't see you 15:53
japhb ~80% chance I'll be unable to make it tomorrow morning. :-/ 16:03
lizmat meh hope it's for good reasons! 16:04
japhb New job schedule kicking my butt; I'm having major headaches early in the morning. So ... some good, some not? 16:07
lizmat I guess :-) 16:13
vrurg japhb: You mean like headaches literally? 20:14
japhb vrurg: Yeah. Like OMG, when will the tylenol and caffeine kick in so I can think? 20:32
vrurg Ok. Wish you get over it sooner than later. My wife suffers from migraines and I know how bad it can be. 20:45
japhb NOD 20:48