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vrurg Anybody seen the email about registering raku-lang domains in China? The trademark is working. 14:29
japhb vrurg: I got a raku-lang email in my spam box ... didn't realize that it was something real (figured a spammer managed to figure out my email address was associated with Raku or somesuch) 14:31
lizmat Well, I guess we can send an email back on behalf of the RSC ? 14:36
vrurg I found it in spam too. It was sent to rsc@raku.org and the reference to urgency makes it look suspicious. But could also be a property of Chineese style of communicating.
lizmat I feel codesections has more life experience in answering these types of mails in an official manner :-) 14:37
if codesections doesn't feel up to it, I could do it also (have had to deal with trademark issues in the past, sadly enough)
vrurg Perhaps it wouldn't hurt trying to reply.
codesections Hmm, I also marked that as spam without really considering it… but maybe it's worth at least looking into. I wouldn't want us to reply without/before finding some reason to view these folks as legit (with some decent probability, anyway) 16:42
I note that the "from" address ends in ".net" and the signature has that URL ending in ".com" (not that email headers are that hard to spoof in the first place…) 16:45
also: domaingang.com/domain-crime/china-...lications/
(as the first duck duck go result for "spam domainregistrychina" 16:46
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lizmat ok, that's settled then, and back in the spam folder :-) 21:49