lizmat meh, some of the links on don't work? 10:13
japhb Yeah, appears not. Some of them are pointing to docs with no extension, or using .../RSC/... rather than .../Raku-Steering-Council/... 14:07
vrurg At our last meeting I was trying to explain about russians. BTW, I mean "russians" as in citizenship. Here is what they do: And there are no protests in Russia itself. 15:03
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japhb Who owns discord-raku-bot? 16:44
lizmat Wenzel P.P. Peppmeyer afaik ? 16:45
japhb I've pinged gfldex to confirm 16:47
lizmat I think we're getting to a point that we as RSC / Raku Community should also make a statement about the situation in Ukraine 17:58
also: what do you think of blocking all Russian IP's from all of the Raku community webservers ? 17:59
codesections As somebody living in a country that's done some pretty awful things that I didn't agree with, I'm not sure I love the idea of country-level IP bans/equating the actions of a government with the actions of the citizens. And maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I'd like to think that Raku users are disproportionately likely to oppose the current 18:12
actions by the Russian government, so I'd hate to lump those users in
japhb I share codesections's feelings that my country has done some awful things, and they sure as heck did not have my support then. And it's likely that (barring dealing with a DoS), it's far more likely a ban would affect friends negatively than enemies. 18:23
As for making a statement ... what kind of statement are you thinking of? Did you want to draft something and send it to the mailing list? 18:24
vrurg Banning IPs won't serve any good. 19:52
codesections: don't be worried about citizens. It's hard to believe, but most good people have already fled Russia over the course of the last 20 years. And those few left in the country won't be opposing any actions against the country as the whole. 19:53
For better understanding of how bad things are, on 2014 I was banned from a couple of purely technical russian forums for protecting Ukrainian position and the values of Maidan. And never before, never after I read so much shit about myself. And those were technical! 19:56
japhb vrurg: There's a little of the "No True Scotsman" fallacy ( bordering on your second-to-last send (the one containing "most good people"). (I think I understood your intent, but speaking as someone who constantly has to argue that "small percentage" and "zero" are not the same, I'm sensitive to that wording.) 20:14
vrurg I'm somewhat busy, can't make a lot of comments. But think of nazis Germany back then. Was there good people? Some were. 20:44
japhb Yep, just ... well, if we're going to be dealing with issues of how the community defines and defends itself, I'm just saying we have to "communicate with care", as they say. (Not at all claiming I'm perfect at this -- merely explaining why I'm being a bit more pedantic than usual.) 21:03
vrurg Oh, from that point of view... Well, yes. Unfortunately, I can't make this point available to everybody, it's up to the media to have this job done. 21:15
Just wanna you here understand me well.