lizmat note for our European members: next meeting is 1 hour earlier than normal :-) 11:38
18:57 nine joined, ChanServ sets mode: +v nine
nine Huh....I didn't know that this channel exists 18:57
codesections I seem to have lost my connection to the meeting. I'm trying to rejoin 19:59
lizmat did you hear that? 20:01
end of meeting... handling by email further :-) 20:02
codesections No, sorry for the tech difficulties! 20:03
nine No worry, we just voted without you :D
lizmat :-)
nine But we figured that you'd vote for "just clarify that paragraph" anyway. As did we all
codesections +1 20:04
japhb Draft minutes sent around. codesections, would you follow up with your proposed wording diff? 20:12
(I didn't want to include them in the minutes themselves) 20:13
codesections Will do 20:27