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vrurg japhb: are you on cat mailing list? 14:47
japhb vrurg: Don't think so. 14:48
vrurg lizmat: could you, pls, fix it? 14:50
lizmat cat mailing list ? 19:33
vrurg lizmat: yes. 19:59
lizmat I'm not sure what the cat mailing list is ? 20:00
vrurg Community Affairs, cat@raku
lizmat aaahhh the one I'm not on either :-)
vrurg Precisely! ;) 20:01
lizmat afaics, japhb is on it 20:02
the only one not on it is e
vrurg Unlikely. I've sent a mail which he hasn't seen.
lizmat gb@sonic.net I assume ? 20:03
vrurg Oh, wrong. He even has replied it.
I just based it on his above words. 20:04
lizmat ok, *phew* :-)
so is this about Nemokosch going on and on and on and pissing everybody off ? 20:05
vrurg Do you really want to get into it? But, yes. 20:06
lizmat no, I don't want to get into it
but I can kick the discord bot
vrurg And disconnect others using it. Heh... 20:07
But let's get the formal side done first. 20:08
lizmat I've just kicked the discord bot 20:14
please continue nonetheless
vrurg I'm worried that before we get a resolution he'd piss people off to the full extent of it. :( 20:17
japhb gjb, not gb. :-) 21:36
lizmat that's what I meant :-) 21:41
gjb is on the list
japhb Oh good.
vrurg japhb: Have you seen mails from the list?
japhb I don't think so, except for those sent to both lists, or which CC'ed/BCC'ed me directly. Where are the list archives? 21:42
lizmat there is no list archive as such... except in my mail program atm
japhb Fair enough, can understand wanting to protect that. 21:45
OK, I'm going to send a test email and see if it makes it back to me.
lizmat japhb: in the server log I see several messages sent to cat@raku.org delivered to jgb@sonic 21:48
japhb Is that a typo? 21:51
lizmat gjb@sonic.net
japhb (And I was CC'ed on several messages, hence the confusion.)
My test message has not come back to me. 21:52
So ... maybe a spam thing?
lizmat your mail is been greylisted
japhb Oh GOD DAMMIT. 21:53
lizmat no worries...
I think if your mail server tries again in 30 minutes or so, it will be ok
japhb crossing fingers
lizmat this one was sent from d.mail.sonic.net, the previous ones from c.mail.sonic.net 21:54
d.mail wasn't seen before 21:55
japhb cries a little on the inside 22:00
lizmat it helps me keeping spam down... spammers generally don't retry 22:01
vrurg pats japhb's inner child ;)
japhb Heh. Thanks. 22:02
lizmat looking at the log, looks like your mail was accepted 5 mins ago
japhb My mail! It has returned to me!
japhb is multitasking
vrurg BTW, i dipped my toe into the version hell issue and see the light in the tunnel. We could even get $?DISTRO for some scripts. 22:03
lizmat takes off her sysadmin cap again 22:04
japhb The Cap of Infinite Returning